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You never forget someone who came to you
with a torch in the dark.
What are we all about? New Foundations supports rehabilitation to reduce reoffending and promote community cohesion.

Person-centred support

Ours is a holistic approach to meeting people’s needs, working with each person as an individual. We listen in order to understand their hopes, fears and expectations for the future. Building trust is a vital part of the process. (See Our Core Values link below.) We aim to inspire prison leavers to think about what they want from their future by:

  • Demonstrating they have value as a unique individual.
  • Encouraging them to set and achieve personal goals.
  • Signposting to community resources and advocating on their behalf.
  • Affirming progress and listening to their concerns.
  • Encouraging pro-social attitudes and behaviour.
  • A community chaplaincy

    NFCC is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. As a member of the Community Chaplaincy Association, we are one of many faith-based charities around the UK providing resettlement support. Our strength is working in partnership with local agencies, churches and organisations rather than acting independently.

    Our DNA

    We respect each individual as being of inherent value, working with people of all faiths and none. We reflect the Christian ethos in word and deed by offering compassion, embodying forgiveness and engendering hope. We don’t proselytise, but we will engage with those who wish to explore the bigger questions of life.

    NFCC practices non-discrimination, working with anyone regardless of age, race, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation. We desire to put our sincerely held faith into practical action.

    Our Core Values

    Governance and compliance

    NFCC is committed to safe practice, high standards of operation and to the well-being of its volunteers, as well as its beneficiaries from the ex-prisoner community.

    The trustees of NFCC are particularly mindful that there will be vulnerable adults within the beneficiary group and families. With that in mind, the charity has a robust safeguarding policy, which is reviewed annually. It operates with consistent and clear procedures, maintains a quality assurance protocol and sets strict boundaries, which are clearly defined to both the beneficiaries and to the volunteer mentors.

    An extensive due diligence process has been conducted by a third-party organisation ( with expertise in managing service supply chains within the Criminal Justice sector. This thorough evaluation can give all stakeholders confidence that NFCC is a strongly governed, trustworthy and reliable organisation. (See Governance Handbook with links to each policy.)

    Governance Handbook

    A trustee's story

    I am a retired submarine captain and have been a charity manager for the past five years. I decided to spend my post-naval career in the charitable sector, and so completed a postgraduate diploma in Charity Management.

    I am now working as an independent charity consultant and trainer. My passion is to make sure that charity governance is tight; that a charity carefully uses every penny which has been generously donated or granted to its cause.

    Because of an interest in the criminal justice system, when asked for advice on how to start a charity to mentor ex-prisoners, I was immediately attracted. As an active member of a Christian church, I fully identify with the ethos of New Foundations.

    My NFCC trustee colleagues have the expertise on the mentoring side of things; my aim is to help them run a strongly governed and compliant charity.

    Craig Fulton

    NFCC Trustee

    ✨ Memberships and partnerships


    Championing Voluntary Action


    Supporting volunteers working with offenders


    Partnerships with Purpose



    Creating Safer Places Together


    Community Chaplaincy Association

    ✨ Comments of Advisers and Partners


    “We care deeply about our community and desire to see Christian compassion extended to those who are truly on the margins of society in many ways. New Foundations has given us an opportunity to make a difference in some lives – not only that of the ex-prisoners but of our members who serve as volunteers."Rev. John RisbridgerFormer Minister, Above Bar Church, Southampton


    “Our chaplaincy team’s partnership with NFCC has worked so well. We refer prison leavers with the confidence they will be well supported. Working with the charity’s leadership has always been a constructive collaboration.”Rev. David HinksLead chaplain, HMP Winchester


    “I know most of the NFCC leaders and have followed their progress in getting the charity off the ground. It will be a pleasure to advise them on matters regarding probation protocol and policy.”Ceri HalfpennySenior Teaching Fellow in the institute of Criminal Justice Studies, Former Senior Probation Officer


    “NFCC has become a valuable asset for the Integrated Offender Management Service as well as for our clients. Some of their mentors have become an integral part of service delivery, and clients who receive this added support have an increased chance of a successful recovery.”M.B GrayIntegrated Offender Management, Team Leader

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